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Antioxidant Testing

Oxidation is the process by which good things go bad. Food, for example, goes bad and begins to rot due to oxidation. Likewise, oxidation is what causes cancer to grow out of control and to spread throughout the body. It is also the reason behind most other serious illnesses and diseases.  In the past, people had no way of knowing the amount of oxidation happening in their body; they simply had to try their best to make healthy choices and hope for good results. These days, however, people don’t have to settle for living with the unknown. Thanks to innovative new research in the medical field, antioxidant testing is now available. Most of these tests are performed using a simple scanner, don’t require blood to be drawn and can be performed in just a few minutes of your time.

The truly good scanners will measure your antioxidant levels—meaning the good, oxidation-fighting minerals, nutrients, and other substances present in the body.  If your antioxidants prove to be low, then you can determine what you need to do to increase antioxidant levels and overall health. If you happen to be lucky enough to keep to have healthy antioxidant levels, then you’ll know that your overall healthcare regimen is working and that you should continue with it.

Even if the results you receive show healthy antioxidant levels, you’ll want to continue being tested regularly for best results. Remember, bodies change as we age and due to stress, diet, exercise, and other factors. By keeping on top of antioxidant testing, you can instantly know when your antioxidant levels are dropping and can take action. This testing could also enable you to catch potential serious problems, such as cancer or diabetes, early on and to take preventative measures and/or get the medical help you require. For antioxidant testing, visit the Aspen alternative healthcare facility of Win Health Institute.

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